Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a Business Removalist

When your business is ready to relocate, you might consider hiring a removalist to help with this task. Your employees are probably not qualified to move heavy equipment and boxes, and a removalist will have the right tools and will know the right techniques to do this safely and easily. Note a few important questions to ask any potential removalist company so you can ensure you hire the right one for your move and know what their services involve.

1. Always ask what their insurance covers

When you hire removalists for a home move, you may not be overly concerned with the company's insurance coverage and limits, as your home goods may only be worth a limited amount of money. However, when you relocate a business, you are moving valuable computer equipment, audio/visual equipment, expensive furniture, and the like. These things could be very expensive to repair and replace if they were to get damaged during a move.

When asking about the insurance coverage of a business removalist, also ask about the actual items it would cover; sometimes artwork and other such non-business related items are not included in their insurance. You might ask if they would include a rider to their insurance to have these items covered, or make other arrangements to have your lobby's artwork, personal items, and these things moved.

2. Ask what should and should not be packed before they arrive

A business removalist will usually be very skilled at moving computer equipment and other such electronics, but they may request that you unplug these items and secure the cords to each one. They might also request that files and paperwork be secured so that nothing is misplaced and there are no risks of records being accessed in transit. They may also have special requirements for moving money, including cash registers and safes, or anything else that might hold valuables.

3. Note what furniture and other items need special disassembling

If you own a salon, restaurant, and other such business, some furniture items may need disassembling or detaching from the wall or floor. Don't assume that a business removalist will automatically know to do this, as they may assume that styling chairs, restaurant booths, and other such pieces stay behind. Ask for a walk-through of your business when scheduling a move and note any such pieces that need special disassembling, and ask if the removalist will know how to do this, especially if they require special power tools to unscrew or otherwise be removed.

For more tips and information, contact a business removal company in your area, such as FB Logistics.